What Is PHH Mortgage: Reviews, Application Process And Other Details!

PHH Mortgage Corporation is a non-bank lender that has provided Mortgage Services since 1984. It is the subsidiary of Ocwen Financial Corp, which acquired the PHH Mortgage in 2018. PHH Mortgage offers plenty of mortgage services including conventional loans, FHA, VA loans, and refinancing.

PHH Mortgage is headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. With PHH Mortgage Lender, borrowers can typically get preapproved in a single business day. Borrowers without a credit history might also be eligible to use the services of PHH Mortgage.

The PHH Mortage company’s loan process outsourcing, underwriting, and closing functional services enable its customers to transform their day-to-day operations by providing services that improve efficiencies and mitigate compliance risk and operational risk. In this article, we have provided complete details about PHH Mortgage, PHH Mortgage Reviews, How To Apply, and other details.

What Is PHH Mortgage?

PHH Mortgage is a finance company that offers a range of mortgage Services including lending, servicing, and portfolio retention. The main Services of PHH Mortgage providing mortgage loans for home purchases, refinancing existing mortgages, and offering various Loan options including conventional, FHA, and VA Loans. PHH Mortgage services a variety of homebuyers with its selection of Mortgage products.

The company has been offering Mortgage services and financial solutions for more than 30 years. PHH Mortgage offers a variety of Loans for home purchases and refinancing and assists experienced Loan officers. The official website of PHH Mortgage also has Mortgage resources, including educational articles, loan calculators, and checklists. Homeowners and homebuyers looking to refinance will get a variety of Loan options from the PHH Mortgage.

PHH Mortgage

What Does PHH Mortgage Offer?

PHH Mortgage offers Mortgage Loans and refinancing products in the United States of America. The nonbank lender and mortgage servicer offer various Loan types and services:

Note: PHH Lender does not offer USDA Loans, home equity loans, or home equity lines of credit.

Minimum And Maximum Loan Amount: PHH Mortgage does not share any details on the Minimum Loan amount on this official website. However, if you want to know if you are eligible for a small loan from PHH Mortgage then visit the official website of PHH Mortgage at www.phhmortgage.com and contact their official representatives. The Maximum Loan amount you can borrow from PHH Mortgage depends upon the type of mortgage you are taking. The conventional loans are capped and most states and individuals can typically borrow more than $1 million in areas with high living costs.

PHH Mortgage Reviews

PHH Mortgage has an A rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and it is not considered BBB-accredited. The Lender and servicer are currently rated 4 out of 5 stars on BBB with 825+ Customer reviews. However, on the Trustpilot PHH Mortgage has 4.6 out of 5 stars with 600+ Customer reviews. On Bankrate, PHH Mortgage is rated on a scale of one to five stars based on a variety of factors relating to the lender’s products and services. Here are some factors that determine the overall rating scores of PHH Mortgage:

  • Affordability: PHH Mortgage does not disclose the Mortgage rates or fees for any loans on its official website. If you are looking to know about Mortgage Rates, then you can call the Lender or fill out the online form to start the pre-approval process.
  • Availability: This makes the overall Mortgage application process smoother or more challenging. You need to work with PHH Mortgage no matter where you are living in the USA. Assuming that you are eligible based on the Lender’s criteria. the common type of loan options includes conventional, FHA, and VA loans, along with rental property solutions.
  • Borrowers’ Experience: PHH Mortgage has been providing Mortgage services for 30 years. Eligible borrowers can get a home loan process with the PHH Mortgage online, however, the lender does not offer any way to get preapproved or apply online without talking to a loan officer.

Pros and Cons of PHH Mortgage


  • PHH Mortgage Provides financing for investment and vacation properties.
  • PHH Mortgage offers homeownership assistance programs for eligible borrowers.
  • PHH Mortgage offers the 60-day and 90-day rate locks
  • The PHH Mortgage official website offers helpful resources like calculators, checklists, and educational articles.


  • PHH Mortgage does not offer the USDA Loans.
  • PHH Mortgage does not provide home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) or home equity loans.
  • PHH Mortgage does not post rates or fees online.
  • The Borrowers will get the Loans from PHH Mortgage online or by phone and there are no branch locations available.

How To Apply For a Mortgage from PHH Mortgage?

The Borrowers need to Apply to Get a Loan from PHH Mortgage or refinance on the Official website of PHH Mortgage or by Phone at 800-210-8849. To start the Online Application at the PHH Mortgage Website, eligible borrowers need to follow these step-by-step guides:

  • First, Visit the Official Website of PHH Mortgage at www.phhmortgage.com.
  • Now Click on “purchase” and then “get started.”
  • Now, Answer some questions about their loans including “how much you need to borrow”, “the down payment amount”, and “from where the money is coming from”.
  • Now, the Borrowers need to fill in details about their expenses, income details, employment information, and much more.
  • After submitting all the details, PHH Mortgage will reach out to the borrowers to complete the loan application, after that, they will specify if you are qualified for a loan or not.
  • Borrowers can skip the Online form and call the company directly and share all the details over the phone.
  • Once the PHH Mortgage company reviews the Application, then the Lender will specify if the borrowers are preapproved for the Loan or not. The rate of interest will be locked in 60 to 90 days depending upon the loan amount.
  • Finally, borrowers can use their preapproved letter to shop around for homes, once the borrowers put in an offer, complete negotiations, and accept terms, the Lender will close on your home.

How To Refinance Your Loan with PHH Mortgage?

The PHH Mortgage offers Loan refinancing options to lower the monthly payments, adjust the term of the current mortgage, or take equity out of their home. The lender does not show refinance rates or fees online. To know more about the Refinance rates the borrowers have to pay, they need to start the Application process online or contact the loan officer directly.

Bottom Lines

PHH Mortgage is the nationwide mortgage Lender that provides a wide range of Mortgage options. PHH Mortgage does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations, and there is a decent amount you can do online. You can get any mortgage loan process started online, however, you need to talk to a Loan officer over the phone before you continue too far with the process.

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